About me

Medieval Byzantine Desk by Dennis Wong https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RYqqnX

Hello, my name is Andrew (Greek: Andreas), I am the author of this site and all accounts under the name of “ShadowsOfConstantinople.” I am American, but I am half-Greek which certainly contributed to my interest in the history of this part of the world. I remember asking my mom “so if there were ancient Greeks, and modern Greeks what happened to the Greeks in between?” I knew the ancient Greeks had been conquered by the Roman Empire, but I was a bit confused when I heard a vague answer that mentioned a “Byzantine” Empire. Little did I know, this would become my biggest obsession! I was astonished to learn there was a Medieval Roman Empire, and the city of Constantinople really caught my eye. I was perplexed, how could a civilization like this be ignored? Why do so many people (even those who work in education), downplay the role of Byzantium in history? Why am I learning about some random Scottish village in my Middle Ages class instead of Constantinople?! Well, the answers to those questions are long and complex, but I am doing my small part to spread the word and increase enthusiasm for Byzantine history. I hope one day to do even more, and work in academia.

I began the “ShadowsOfConstantinople” journey with an Instagram account where I posted about (mostly) Byzantine history, with a special focus on the lost imperial capital of Constantinople. I still do this, it is my main audience, and most of you visiting the site probably will have seen that first. After growing my platform on Instagram, I expanded my social media presence to Twitter as well, which has also been a fun experience thus far. If you are one of my followers on any platform, thank you! I truly appreciate it.

I made this website because I wanted to have a place where the things I post about are not just forgotten old posts, but easily accessible and well organized for those curious about Byzantium to look through. I will always be adding to this site, creating new articles and expanding old ones with new information. I hope you all enjoy the content, and if you enjoy it help spread the word!