Other Byzantine sites

Obviously I hope to make this a great place to go for Byzantine content, but I am humble enough to know there are other amazing sites out there that you should check out.

The Byzantine Legacy:

They have an amazing page you can get lost in. They also have an instagram page @ TheByzantineLegacy …. But I think their website is an even greater contribution. It is probably the best place to look for Byzantine monuments which are often left out of books. Often the Byzantine Legacy is the place with the most information on some obscure things, which is an amazing quality. The Byzantine Legacy have a great assortment of pictures on their site, often some really good ones. They also have an interactive map of Constantinople showing where sites are in the city. If you love Byzantium, go to their website.

Here is the link: https://www.thebyzantinelegacy.com/

Bob Atchison’s Pallasweb page

You have to check this out! A slightly less well known, but equally amazing site is the Pallasweb page dedicated to Byzantium, which was created by Bob Atchison. Atchison set out with a purpose: “with this website hope I can breathe life into the Byzantines and restore Hagia Sophia in spirit to its glory days.” He certainly had done a great job doing that. His website is so beautiful it is a work of art! His story is interesting, so I linked to his about page below. But you can click and check out all of the great information he has, he clearly has studied Byzantium thoroughly, especially Hagia Sophia.


If you think any more websites deserve a mention here, you can email me @ shadowsofconstantinople@gmail.com to let me know! I will add any I find, as I intend to make this website more and more thorough all the time.