Palace of Theoderic

File:Meister von San Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna 003.jpg
Palace of Theoderic Mosaic in San Apollinare Nuovo

The Palace of Theoderic in Ravenna is a mosaic I really enjoy looking at. It gives a glimpse into the Late Roman palace style. It is assumed Theoderic would have modelled his palaces on those he had seen in his life in Constantinople, Thessaloniki (Galerius), and Italy. One can notice a few of the hands on the columns, which remain as remnants of Arian Christian figures which were removed from the mosaic when the Eastern Romans restored Ravenna to Roman rule. Because the actual palace of Theoderic has not survived, it is all the more important as a work of art.

Here are a couple more pictures!
Right Side, Nave of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo | Ravenna, Architecture, Europe  culture
Inside San Apollinare Nuovo, on the upper right you can see the Palace of Theoderic